Missing shares in Sherlock Holmes Museum

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Tariq Siddiqi Investigates

John Aidiniantz

Copyright Thief - Domain Name Squatter

Bankruptcy Hearing for John Aidiniantz to be heard
15th of June 2023 at the Royal Court of Justice

Reports coming in from investigating journalists that the net is tightening on the missing multi million mortgage fraud funds that were used to develop #JohnAidiniantz and #AndreavonEhernstien ‘s #SherlockHolmesMuseum

Insight to fraudster John Aidiniantz’s crooked activities

John Aidiniantz background to his past crooked behaviour

“If you are clever enough to bring destruction upon me, rest assured that I shall do as much to you” Sir Arthur Conan Doyle – The Final Problem

The convicted crook, jailbird and mortgage fraudster has added a startling skill to his CV as a website developer whereby he DOMAIN NAME SQUATS (Creates a website in the name of another person depicting it to be their own). He uses this to post defamatory and false information about people who displease him, particularly Asians . (Rupinder Bains , Tariq Siddiqi).An insight to this villain can be seen  from a 1994  blog 

‘The latest news is that John Aidiniantz is facing eight charges of obtaining property by deception, on occasion adopting a false identity to borrow the money and then providing an employer’s reference In his’ own name. Prosecuting Counsel says that the swindle has left some lenders hundreds of thousands of pounds out of pocket. The trial, at Southwark Crown Court, continues’1994 Blog

Looks like a leopard never changes its spots…

John Aidiniantz

John Aidiniantz was last spotted sat next to a tuc tuc outside Highgate Cemetery gates. This tuc tuc is perfectly sized to fit in the £500,000 that the liquidator of two of his Sherlock Holmes companies is searching for. Or maybe the cash is buried in the graveyard? Sherlock Holmes could certainly help us with that one.

Highgate Cemetary, Swans Lane is a short walk from 89 Hillway N6 6AB; a property most probably purchased with funds misappropriated from the Sherlock Holmes Museum. (I am very happy to withdraw this statement if John Aidiniantz and or his wife Andrea Von Ehrenstein can provide alternative proof)

Fraudster John Aidiniantz ducks and dives when confronted outside the Royal Court of Justice

When approached outside court John Aidiniantz seeks to hide and duck behind the skirts of his solicitor Nicholas Yapp of Gordon Dadds who must know that his client is a complete crook rather than justify his actions. One can only hope that Mr Yapp and his firm Gordon Dadds do not have to sue Aidiniantz for unpaid legal bills as his former solicitors Edwin Coe had to do. The firm successfully sued Aidiniantz and his company Rollerteam for over £175,000  plus costs. https://www.bailii.org/ew/cases/EWHC/QB/2014/3994.html

The presiding Judge Richard Seymour QC was particularly scathing about Aidiniantz and his credibility as a witness. He said in His Judgement:-

Fraudster John Aidiniantz claims a Website that he created and authored about solicitor Rupinder Bains has been updated.(website 2021)This is another of Aidiniantz’s lies. He only updates these websites with date changes in order to keep traffic flowing and therefore keep up the harassment. He reported Ms Bains to the SRA six years ago yet  Aidiniantz refuses to publish the findings of the SRA. Most probably because the SRA did not find any evidence of misconduct by Ms Bains .Do we need Sherlock to point out that these websites and their abuse are racially motivated? Website 2015